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[Filter: Canti]

I know you've noticed the sheer quantity of messages being delivered to my desk, and I know you've been eyeing them with rightful trepidation. The truth is, darling, it's becoming difficult to delay returning. I'm delaying them, really, which is delaying the construction of our home! Terrible. Ah, but, before you argue ...

I've spoken to mother and father about this at length. Father thinks it's ill luck for the heir of House Byron to be born anywhere but their true and future home. Blame my time in Kiernan, but I think I'm just superstitious enough to agree! Mother has been more difficult. She worries terribly for you, you know. And for her grandchild, of course. But she finally -- finally -- broke down this morning and said she'd give her blessing to my carting you off north on one condition. That she accompany us for the journey and the remaining length of your pregnancy. Ah, and knowing mother, probably for some time after the birth as well.

I'm inclined to accept the conditions, but I want your opinion, hm? I assume you still want to come back with me...? What do you think?
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Well, everyone, Canti and I have an announcement to make!

The official notices are all sent off as of this morning, but we thought some of you would appreciate knowing a little sooner. Besides, I very much doubt the two of us could keep quiet on here about it for another day, let alone weeks while we wait for the post!

We're expecting our first child. Due in early autumn, we believe. And yes, Canti is doing well, and yes indeed, we're overjoyed!
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[Filter: Canti]

I spoke with Kiefer.

I'd forgotten that his and Nerida's anniversary is so soon -- the 9th. And he promised her they would celebrate in Eblar. However, he's also promised me that come the morning of the 10th he will see to returning everyone to Rowan.

Will that be all right, darling?
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[Filter: Kiefer]

No doubt the birthday celebrations were worth staying for -- I'm sure it was spectacular -- but let's get right down to it. My wife does poorly in cities like Eblar and has been longing to return somewhere she feels more secure.

Brother. I understand why you feel you must stay. Martha, Chloe, Nerida. But Canti must wait on you, and I think we have asked her to endure gracefully long enough.
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I would just like to report on this lovely Rose Day that my wife is the most wonderful and beautiful woman in Eire, I am utterly bereft without her at my side, and I do hope she is having a far better day than I am watching all of these people go back and forth throughout camp, delivering their parcels and enjoying the company of the ones they love most.

Please be aware, Canti, I am tallying all these missed occasions and when our life returns to some semblance of normalcy I plan to make up for them in suitably grand fashion.

But for now all I can say is that I love you and miss you dearly, for more than any flowers could convey.
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There's just enough of a chill in the air to remind us that this is not an opportune time to begin a project of this sort, but I am happy to report that the company is taking it in stride. I will say, I think we shocked this poor little town to its roots when we arrived this morning! They had no hope of accommodating all of us, hah. But they've been generous with their homes and hearths and it occurred to me as the introductions were underway that though there's only a clearing and we're quite far from a castle, these people still are my charges, now!

It's one thing to know that academically and quite another to see their faces, hm?

I'm not sure they have any idea what to think of me. I suspect it's the waistcoat.

Ah, well. I'm told their little chapel is well stocked for candles, at least. We're all thankful for that. I'm not the only one present with quite a few to light come evening.
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[Filter: Private]

I she one of those, I wonder?

It won't go away, I bloody well know that too well. All these years suspecting Thomas, that's taught the lesson well enough. But then as now, I needn't answer it, not really. No compulsion. Just ... an awareness. Thoughts that intrude on you when you least expect. The usual, really.

It's been a difficult time for all of us, with Lucre in that state. Canti says she's in no danger. There needn't be anything more involved at all. But the lingering question, the is there or isn't there, the chance that there could be and that is what drove her to tell Canti the things she has ...

Ah, poor Canti. How dare her, really. Speaking to you of such awful things. And how dare I even think of involving myself. You would never know, but if you did ...

What would you do, brother? Always the noble knight. Here's the perfect opportunity, an excuse to wage the war under the guise of perfect gallantry. Defending your lady's own sister. You would have jumped at the chance, I think.
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[Filter: House Rowan]

I suspected his Majesty's wrath would be ... considerable, but I thought Lord Nicolas bore it well. To have to stand before all the lords and ladies of Dentoria and accept judgement and punishment for such a thing ... terrible. It will be a shadow over the West for a long time to come.

That said, I find it completely unfair that Lady Eliza escaped so much of the blame. They may have been in Conare, but it's her bloody duty to sniff out conspiracies like this before they come to fruition, not to mention how completely useless she's been in the ensuing investigation. Ridiculous.

I hear that Tarmon intends to leave tonight, and he's not the only one making plans. I think after seeing firsthand how upset his Majesty is, no one is particularly anxious to linger. It ought to be reasonable enough to take our leave tomorrow, hm?
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[Filter: Chloe]

I don't expect a reply to this, exactly, but I do know you must be over there sulking about how the entire family is here, and you are not. No doubt you're telling yourself that surely none of us has spared a thought for you, even on Festival, hm? Well. For one thing, Mother and Father were worried, especially when nothing arrived from Eblar. We've smoothed that over as best we can, I suppose.

We are thinking of you, dearest. And you'll always be one of us. We love you, and we miss you dearly, and we're looking forward to seeing you in the winter.

Happy Festival.
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[Filter: Rowan and Canti]

Well, isn't this lovely! Honestly, I should have expected something like this. Looking back, all of the warning signs were certainly there ...

Chloe, we can't bring you to Rowan with us! Fartgus is going to notice your absence, likely first thing tomorrow if he hasn't already, and it won't be difficult to figure out what's happened.
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If that's all for farewells, then, I believe my brothers and I will be on our way. It's a long ride back to Rowan, and as I'm sure you can imagine, there is too much to be done to delay any further!

Canti, Martha, we'll be there later tonight, hopefully not too late.

To everyone else -- I know that you'll continue to enjoy Eblar. Keep an eye out for certain invitations to arrive, later in the autumn, hm?

[Filter: Rowan Brothers]

If you want to see her response, feel free, but be warned: it's as insufferable as it could possibly be. Suffice to say, she won't be coming down, so we may as well get going.
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[Filter: House Rowan]

Well ...

Quite a day, hm?
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[Filter: Canti]

Is Martha still there? There's nothing to worry about, but we need to keep this quiet. Even from her. Especially from her, I might say. She'll tell my brothers anything the moment they press her.

Now -- and I know what a surprise this is, but I promise it's true -- the Prince has graciously offered us a respite in Milesia, darling. He's given me a letter with his seal to present, and assured me that it will be very quiet, nearly empty, and no one will be allowed to pursue us within its walls. Especially not Tarmon. Doesn't that sound lovely? We'll make straight for Milesia, and allow everyone to believe we've gone to Eblar.

Not a word of this to anyone, now. We want as much time as possible, don't we?
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[Filter: Canti]

Are you all right? Are you in the hall? They've barred the bloody doors. I swear, if he's done anything to you -- what's happened?!
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[Filter: Hasten]

Do you have a moment?

I've made some plans that I'd like to discuss with you before I go ahead with them.
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Hm, and here it is, the first landmark on our journey home. The sagging pile of stone and brick that once was Orach castle. I've heard tales of the battle that took place here in our absence, of course. But seeing the evidence of it all firsthand is, well, remarkable. Perhaps it's worth repairing the inner keep as a supply outpost, but even then ...

They were good Western men, you know, the garrison here that Keran caught unawares. I'd known some of them well beyond ten years. And I've letters I'll need to send personally, once we're a bit closer to home.

Well. They'll be resting easier, no doubt, properly avenged.
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[Filter: Canti]

Good morning, my lady!

Did you by chance happen to read yesterday's news?

[Filter: House Rowan]

There, you see? That was done quickly enough, don't you think?

I'm still not entirely sure about all of the circumstances surrounding that victory, and -- to be sure, we're likely to be here awhile yet arguing back and forth over the fate of this cursed place before we're free to come home, but the fighting, that's done.

Home by summer, just as I said.
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[Filter: Armies Against Sarrca]

-- It just ends.

Lord Hasten, if you are reading -- order a retreat. Hardly more than a mile south, the storm ends. It makes no bloody sense whatsoever, I realize, but it's as though Sarrca itself is encased in some sort of hellish ... cocoon? This is magic of some sort, I'm certain of it. Could it be that this was Keran's plan, all along? Lure us to the walls, then freeze us in this unnatural storm?

It's clear as can bloody be out here.

I can't believe it.
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[Filter: The Armies Against Sarrca]

Is the weather really going to turn on us now?

If this is about to materialize into some sort of late spring blizzard, we ought to start preparing -- those clouds are gathering rather fast. The men are nervous, whispering about an ill wind, mages, sorcery and the like.

I imagine this is like to impact your march as well, Lord Gebann. Take care.
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[Filter: The Armies Against Sarrca]

My men and I can't risk getting any closer, I'm afraid. Suffice to say that they are there and waiting for us; I doubt those are archers visible on the walls. The moment we breach that clearing, we'll have fire raining on all our heads, I'm quite sure.

There doesn't appear to be anything set here to intercept us; no mages in the trees here, no winged units swooping in to intercept us. Keran seems content to wait for us behind his walls. We're turning back to rejoin the column.

[Filter: Lady Leila]

Lord Ethan has mentioned once or twice that we were coming soon upon his birthday -- that was today, was it not?

A poor day for it. I cannot say for certain whether Lord Hasten intends to order the attack at once, but ... I am sure you do not need to hear this from me, my lady, but please be sure to keep yourself and your son far from the front.

[Filter: House Rowan]

It's an odd feeling, to be staring at the source of all this trouble here at last.
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